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Ready, Reset, Go!


After a long winter, and emotional hibernation, this mama bear is beginning to stir.

I began this blogging adventure, to share some of my journey as an alternative “hippie” mama, making a go at passionately thriving. The initial hormone boost of new mamahood fueled some fun and ambitious posting. I felt confidant that I was capable of anything, and that I should do everything in my power to be the best mama possible. However, my excitement quickly overcame my abilities. I found my mind taking off in a million different directions, inspired to tackle a thousand projects a day.

Some days I managed to narrow down my goals to a few manageable tasks. I tried to minimize the inner conflict I felt; torn between feelings of primal empowerment as a mother with strong intuitive instincts, and surprising isolation and frustration from not returning to work in my previous field as soon as I had expected.

Recently my adventures have been too tumultuous to warrant posts that wouldn’t later be regretfully embarrassing. I will say that my son and I are happy and healthy and I am eternally grateful to have such a strong and courageous mother to learn from.

So, since words are difficult to deal in right now, I am shifting my creative energy to a renewed love for the visual arts. Above is my first foray into “structured doodling” or zentangling. The meditative nature of this technique has already had an immensely uplifting and regenerative impact on my spirit.

There will be many of these and other pieces in an ongoing zentangle series, as I work towards finding my unique voice amid the bustling, blogging community.

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