Reinventing the Wheel

The Wellness Wheel by Heidi Nielson

As I have mentioned a few times previously, I tend to try and make my challenges more difficult than they need be. One skill that would greatly reduce this bad habit is the power of delegation. As a first time mom, I have plenty on my plate to deal with daily. Attempting to completely makeover my career from scratch in a way that provides me ample time to nurture my family…has begun to feel like an exercise in futility.
In my dreams I have a beautiful, resource rich website that connects families to valuable information and supportive community. And with our combined financial voting platform, backing ecologically and sociologically sound companies, we could impact real, sustainable changes!
Lofty goals when I’m currently only able to carve out a handful of hours a week to commit to this project. Luckily there are some awesome groups who’ve already gotten the ball rolling. The following are a few industrious folk I find fascinating.
I have to admit I was actually a little bit discouraged when I first discovered Katie’s blog, because her web presence is so similar to the original AlcheMysticMama concept. And she’s leaps and bounds ahead of me on organizing what is currently a chaotic heap of information I would like to share. So here’s to finding inspiration in her awesomeness with a link to her fabulous sea salt spray recipe:

DIY Sea Spray for Healthy Skin Sea Spray for Skin

The Honest Company
I found this company while searching keywords “groovy baby” for party ideas, thought they sounded great and promptly forgot about them. Then, a couple weeks later, my mom got some free samples in the mail after a friend’s recommendation. We LOVE the products! I’ve been super diligent when it comes to cloth diapering for both the ecological and economical reasons, but muggy summer weather has brought on a recurring diaper rash that is exhausting my patience. Now I can relax freely while the cloth diapers are getting deep cleaned, with these bio-degradable, chemical free, plant-based disposable diapers as our back ups. I will definitely be following their blog (and not just because of my girl crush on co-founder Jessica Alba 😉 )
One of my friends introduced me to this site while I was pregnant. This is THE site to get trendy, indie parenting ideas and swag. My favorite feature is their maternity portrait submissions.

Photo by Vida La Vida Photography.
Warning: this site can be habit forming!
This site is similar to Groupon or Living Social, with a focus on items and services that they feel would most benefit today’s busy mamas. Plus a vibrant community forum. My favorite conversation right now is The Pros and Cons of Homeschooling.
I just found out about this online community this week. An acquaintance of mine said she found support and excellent resources concerning the vaccination debate here. I can already tell that I’ll be logging some serious discussion hours here, since finding like-minded parents has proven to be a task akin to the proverbial “needle in a haystack”.
And now, a more masculine feeling resource for the holistic men in our community. This supplement supply shop is Daniel Vitalis’ baby. His name first popped up on my radar when i was experimenting with raw foods at The Tree Of Life. In my ongoing search to maintain a balanced lifestyle, this man’s knowledge has continued to stay current. For such a young man, he has accessed a vast wealth of health information, most of which he shares freely in his many YouTube videos and podcasts.

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