Circle Game

This past memorial weekend was a series of highs and lows in rapid succession. Some things I would rather just forget, like our first (and I pray last) encounter with bedbugs. While other new adventures will gladly leave lasting impressions.

The highlight of our holiday was our first successful camping trip. Thanks mainly to our creatively cooperative camp mates. With a new baby there is an almost constant theme of “I wish I had been more prepared”. Camping flips this phrase upside down and inside out. Societal pressures regarding appearances and developmental norms fade to the background as survival skills and creature comforts take the forefront.

This years trip brought home the reality of just how high maintenance I really am, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. Now that I have chosen to be honest with myself, I can begin to manifest the things I need to make life more enjoyable. Like a minimum of 10 camping buddies to spread supplies and chores among, minimizes everyone’s work load.

These recent events and the SurThrival website have inspired my next posting series: Summer SurThrival: A.K.A. Glamping (glamorous camping). Some projects and topics I will be playing with include natural sunscreen, bug repellents, and camp snacks.

Get excited! And enjoy this Joni Mitchell song that’s been circling round my brain 😉

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