Commitment… I have been the princess of procrastination the majority of my life. “If things get tough, take a nap and try something different when you wake up.” This has been my basic working mechanism in the past, which is fine if you are interested in leading a mediocre life.

There have been some golden opportunities come my way that I was either too afraid, or perhaps just darn lazy, to take off and run with. Now that there’s a little human being relying on me to show him how to be successful, I realize I’ve got to make some changes.

The nine months leading up to my son’s arrival were like a mini crash course in commitment. Everyday there was something new happening to physically remind me of my new role as nurturing mother. I have now advanced to Motherhood 101 : Lessons in Commitment, to be repeated as long as we both shall live.

So far, there have been days where I feel completely overwhelmed by all the little details involved in being a great mother. When I take a moment to breathe I remember that half of the things I think I “should” do are other people’s ideas of what a mother is supposed to do. The biggest struggle I’ve dealt with thus far has been doubting my abilities due to others good intentions.

Today is just as good as any to make and renew resolutions. So, here goes:

I commit to listening, trusting, and following my intuition

I commit to eating seasonally, locally and sustainably as possible while enjoying vibrant, vitalizing foods

I commit to letting go of trying to be the “perfect mother” and relax into being a great mom

I commit to being the kind of person I would like to be friends with

I commit to having fun

I commit to being financially savvy

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