Go With The Flow

This week’s project has been to increase flow experiences. These are instances when you feel so engaged in the present moment that time looses it’s vice-like grip on your brain. I first recognized this experience upon discovering ceramics in high school. Later that year I discovered yoga at the local gym and the my morning sessions on the mat welcomed more high vibration events.

I’ve been a bit of a “seeker” in my years as a blossoming young lass. This opened up doors to a variety of meditation techniques, kirtan groups and ecstatic dance remain two of my favorites. The more I practiced any one discipline though, the more I noticed my “monkey mind” crowding out the previous inner quiet. Then, as miraculously as my first “ah ha” moment of flow awareness , I found myself reaching my zen place in the same Bikram yoga sequence I had been practicing religiously for over a year.

While I was pregnant I decided to scale back my athletic endeavors and focus on transitioning from working student to mommy. I realized I was concentrating a little bit too hard on the future, but “new mother” jitters had me feeling the need to prove my ability to be super mom. Little room was left to allow any flow during my occasional free time between work, school and birth center visits.

I began to think going with the flow was a luxury enjoyed only by those who haven chosen to remain single. Then I went into labor. There is no zone like the one a laboring woman enters. Even mild contractions launch you, full throttle, into the present moment. And once you catch that first glimpse of your baby’s sweet face, any and all pain becomes a memory as you lose yourself in the wonderful sight, smell and feel of the tiny being you’re finally greeting.

I may have put a few flow inducing activities on indefinite hold in order to accommodate my son. However, I have opened myself up to a whole new world of experiences to appreciate. As long as we open our eyes to see them, life continuously provides us with timeless opportunities.

Here’s to living free from the perceived constraints of time.

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