Repairing Bridges


It’s amazing how inviting a child into your life can put yours in perspective. This weeks focus has been on improving social relationships. Since the beginning of my pregnancy I’ve started to think about who I want my child to be influenced by and where he might find the highest quality friends. Until reading the above article, I found myself frustrated in my efforts to seek out great environments to nurture my son’s social skills. When considering our children’s interactions with peers, we must first evaluate our own relationships. Our little monkeys’ first and strongest mode of learning is based on watching the actions of their parents. If you have solid relationships with healthy boundaries, then your child is likely to mimic you. No small wonder I’ve been having difficulties in this area. To be completely honest with myself, I have let my personal relationships take the back burner for the past few years. I keep telling myself, “When I get my life together…When I have accomplished something I can be proud of….When I have something of value to contribute again…Then I’ll hold my head up high and dazzle my friends with my greatness” Haha, I have to laugh at my foolishness, because all that waiting has left me with few friends to share this theoretical super me with. In fact, gritty, uncomfortable truth, all of that waiting was just an excuse to hide the fact that I was struggling with depression. Nobody wants to share that side of themselves with anybody. Funny thing about that though, a little help from your friends can be the key to turning that frown upside down. I’m coming to the realization that depression is a luxury mother’s can not afford. There’s a plethora of resources out there to help individuals combat this monster when it rears it’s ugly head. And, just as every person is unique, treatment must be customized very precisely. Most importantly you must develop your intuition and LISTEN to it! More on natural solutions I’ve found useful in my life to come. Today my focus is repairing some of the bridges I’ve let fall to the way side. I’ve got some emotional IOUs I need to make good on. How about you?

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