Week 2 Optimism

This week’s focus is on cultivating optimism. To be honest I am having a difficult time with this one. Which is funny because most of my friends and family see me as hopelessly optimistic. Maintaining a single positive thought when you haven’t slept more than a four or five hour stretch in almost 3 months is… difficult, to say the least.

Just about the time I think I’ve reached my breaking point though, I am reminded that we only have these sweet and tender days of being the whole world to our new little men and women a brief moment. And so, I recount all of my son’s tiny little fingers (which are still small enough to wrap tightly around my pinky finger), gaze into his eyes to see if they still have that slight ring of blue around the edges, and deeply inhale that intoxicating aroma of baby’s breath.

I used to laugh at my mom when she talked about my baby days with such reverence. Now, I savor the small gifts as they present themselves. Because, in the next moment may be a diaper change, teething pain, or tearing myself away to work.

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